What we do

Tech Vision in Brief

The technical vision for Cerberus stems from our hunger as engineers for operational efficiency within internal structures and external communication. We dislike bureaucracy, lengthy emails & meetings, hence our main mantras are “automate, automate” and “no unplanned 3am calls”. These mantras are of a practical nature, where anything we build is scalable, testable, automated and well documented.

Our Mission

Cerberus is a company founded in 2017 by a team of visionary iGaming veterans. Our mission is simple – to offer the best tech solutions through a data-driven and a customer-first approach, delivering innovative solutions that go against traditional forms of working and process. This mission is based on the solid foundations of reliability, flexibility and security, and we set out with the intention of fundamentally changing the way iGaming and other digital industries interact with technology.



Our Horizon Gaming Platform offers a complete, bleeding edge ecosystem that is needed to operate an online gambling website.

Casino Hub

By means of our Casino Hub, operators enjoy the flexibility of choosing amongst the best providers in the industry, and direct access to hundreds of premium games. The Casino Hub is integrated into a single Casino Lobby & Wallet, may be described as a data driven product with a focus on personalised games and customer preferences.

Payments Gateway

Use our Payment Gateway to offer your customers access to payment methods by means of a reliable single-payment platform, which streamlines all of your payment processes into one central hub. We guarantee improved quality of service, value for money and greater operational efficiency using standardised interfaces to connect with.

CRM Suite

Combined with our platform, our CRM engine provides marketers with seamlessly integrated, point-and-click tools that synchronise customer data, allowing them to market their product or service with extreme customer relevance. Apart from standard tools such as affiliate programs, we also offer a range of different tools that can be used to improve customer acquisition and retention.

Hubble Data Platform

One of our Unique Selling Points is our state of the art Big Data Environment. Whether you just need to store, access and view data, or if you need to run complicated, real-time algorithms to determine customer journeys and content. this is the solution for you. Our fully supported cloud infrastructure provides the best performance and security at the best price - we know this for a fact.

Middleware Integration

Our Middleware solution makes us stand out from the rest. Able to hook up into any type of platform from any digital industry, it is built using the latest technologies, offering the best flexibility for front-end applications. It comes complete with Automated Testing Frameworks, Dynamic Content Management and a ready Site Template, meaning your website runs as it's meant to.


Personalisation & Gamification

Our personalised customer gamification maximises user engagement and lifetime value. Using customer patterns and streaming behaviour, our product offers an exceptional entertainment experience. Through social and communication tools that are integrated seamlessly into our platform, we offer a unique blend to provide the best gamification available in the industry.

Business Optimisation

Complementing our products, our business optimisation package is one of our core consultancy services. It is designed to ensure that your business processes are optimised, aligned with your company objectives, and most of all, that you are doing the right thing at the right time. Quite simply, we will treat your customers as if they were ours, striving to improve retention and quality.