Jonathan Gauci
Chief Technical Officer

Jon needs no introduction to the tech scene in Malta, with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. Responsible for High level architecture, technical innovation, technical assessments, team building and process design for technology projects.

Pawlu Frendo
Technical Architect

Pawlu is responsible for the overall architecture and to deliver customer centric functions that are fast, scalable and reliable. Pawlu's experience both in frontend and backend have allowed him to engineer a frontend framework, and what we call the middleware, which is a system that aggregates big data, gaming and content for an optimal user experience.

Stephen Lautier
Lead Developer

Over 9 years of development experience in different industries such as financial services, e-commerce, game development, and gambling, Stephen is responsible for code implementation, making sure that quality and integrity are kept to the highest standards. Stephen's experience in different cutting-edge technologies in both frontend and backend have helped him shape the frontend framework, together with the middleware that powers it.

Jonathan Sant
Lead Developer

Jonathan has been working in the Gaming industry for over 4 years. One his latest projects was Sportsbook related, which delivered a high volume of updates to its users in real-time. His experience helps him in his responsibilities which include the middleware layer and the front-end framework of our system, ensuring that the solutions are both robust and scalable. Researching and developing new technologies, processes and flows are amongst his top priorities.

Clayton Lautier
Lead Developer

Clayton brings over 10 years of experience in the industry, with over 6 of them being in gaming, making him a great source of knowledge when it comes to the business. His main responsibility is safeguarding and making sure that the technical implementation is done to perfection. He is also proficient with multiple technology stacks that make him dynamic and able to shift responsibilities. Being a team player and a mentor to others is also on his list.

Dorian Bugeja
Big Data Engineer

Over the years, Dorian worked with various integration frameworks to design architectures that enable real-time delivery of customer-centric information in both the financial and gaming sectors. His passion for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics led him to finish a Master degree in AI focusing on Big Data technologies to help him provide a set of optimised data enrichment models specific to Cerberus customers.

Kurt Cassar
QA Automation Lead

Kurt has been involved in software testing for over five years. He has worked on various business projects such as telecoms, e-commerce, hospitality and gaming, where he built and was involved in the development of test automation frameworks and quality assurance workflows. His experience in delivering quality business solutions and his passion in following the latest technologies and quality assurance methodologies is the reason why he is responsible for product quality delivery and test automation architecture at Cerberus.

Matthew Formosa
Big Data Engineer

Matthew previously worked as a Full Stack Developer, Data Scientist and a Data Engineer, however his passion lies in back-end development and data engineering. For this reason, Matthew is currently reading a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence, whilst also taking up courses of Big Data, FinTech and Automation streams and following online courses related to the same areas. Over at Cerberus, Matthew is responsible for building and optimising good quality applications to provide customers with the best possible solutions.

Stefan Grech
Junior Developer

Stefan has been in the industry for more than 3 years, with 2 of them being in Gaming. His passion lies in back-end development. Stefan is quite ambitious which leads to him always learning about new technologies whilst also being a team player. Being a natural problem solver, Stefan is always motivated in finding new ways to solve problems.

Michael George Attard

Responsible for the infrastructure, Michael combines his experience as a Full Stack Developer to deliver the best possible product. His passion for learning drives him to find and use the best tools to reach this goal.

Luke Borg
Junior Big Data Engineer

Luke is currently following a Masters Degree in Artificial Intelligence, since developing a particular interest in Big Data technologies. Luke decided to follow his passion and venture into a big data oriented career where he is now currently working at Cerberus as a Junior Big Data Engineer.